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        最近有很多小白問我關于基金定投怎么止盈的問題,事實上這是一個沒有標準答案的問題。 There's been a lot of little white questions recently about how the fund is going to go to the end of the day, and in fact it's a question that doesn't have a standard answer. 因為無論市場行情如何,居于每個人投資能力的不一樣導致的對市場的判斷不一樣的原因,本質上每個人對收益的期望值是不一樣的。 Because no matter how the market, in the investment capacity of each person is different, leading to the judgment of the market of different reasons, essentially everyone's expectations of the income is not the same. 有人認為收益率達到15%就可以止盈,有人認為20%可以止盈,有人更保守,能夠賺到一點前就止盈了,比如10%一下。 Some people think that the yield of 15% will be in the net. Some think that 20% will be in the net, some will be more conservative, and they will be able to make a profit before they reach a point, such as 10%. 所以說,投資的時候我們確實是需要止盈的,因為賺到錢之后收手這是人之常情,但是賺多少錢才適合收手卻是可以有不同的做法的。 So, investment when we really need to check interference, because money after stop this is human nature, but how much closed hand fit is can have a different approach. 如果非得找到一種思路來解決這個問題,我提供以下一些思路給大家參考。 If I have to find a way to solve this problem, I will give you some ideas. 首先,最重要的問題你要看你買的是什么基金,例如你買的是貨幣型的基金設置止盈點就沒有必要了。 First of all, the most important question is what kind of fund you are buying, for example, if you buy a currency fund that is not necessary. 因為它一般來講是保本并且收益率波動幅度不大的(收益率約在2%-4%之間)。 Because it is generally safe and yields are not volatile (yields are between 2% and 4%). 如果你買股票型或混合型等基金的話可以設置止盈點,因為這些基金收益率波動很大而且不一定能夠讓你保本。 If you buy a stock or hybrid fund, you can set a check point because these funds are volatile and don't necessarily keep you safe. 因此,我以下討論的止盈的思路,只是針對真正需要止盈的基金來講的,不包括貨幣基金這種東西。 So, the idea of the stop-ing that I'm talking about here is only for funds that really need to stop, not including money funds. 01 01 一些常見的止盈方法 Some common stop-over methods A、按指數設定止盈點 A, set the limit by the index 有一種指標法是根據市盈率高低選擇買賣點,例如低于15倍市盈率買入,高于20倍市盈率賣出。 One way to do this is to buy trades based on the price-to-earnings ratio, which is below 15 times earnings, and sell for more than 20 times earnings. 另外一種指標法是根據市場點位來設置止盈點。比如你今年看好上證指數能夠漲到3800點,現在是3100點左右,那你肯定會在大盤處于更高位的時候才賣出,比如從3600點開始分批賣出。 Another indicator is to set a check point according to market position. For example you bullish on the Shanghai index could rise to 3800 this year, is now around 3100 points, that you'll be in the market is in a higher position to sell, for example, starts from 3600 points to sell.


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